Quarter Life Crisis…Cubicle Life Crisis…What’s the Difference?

cubicle life sucks

What’s a Quarter Life Crisis? I had never heard of a quarter life crisis until after the term cubicle life crisis was created (by me). While there are obvious similarities between these “stages of life”, to me there is also a lot that differentiates them if you read between the lines. According to Wikipedia, a quarter life crisis is defined as “a period of life usually ranging from the early twenties to the mid-twenties, in which a person begins to feel doubtful about their own lives, brought on by the stress of becoming an adult.” The gist of a quarter life crisis is that it involves young adults, and the anxiety and uncertainty that comes with transitioning to a fully independent adult. Typically people that experience a quarter life crisis have difficulty obtaining financial independence from parents, starting families earlier in life, and have deep questions regarding their chosen path Continue Reading →

10 Tips For Battling Cubicle Weight Gain


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Cubicle induced weight gain is a plague, and nobody notices It’s easy to underestimate how bad sitting all day is for you (whether or not you’re in a cube). I know it surprised me a little at first. I am pretty active in my off time and have always been able to stay in respectable shape. However, sitting in a cube on my posterior for 8hrs a day put me to the test. The weight creeps on so slowly you hardly notice. One day you’ll see yourself in the mirror from the side, or notice your belt is harder to tighten to the third notch than normal. It means you’re getting fatter, which can be pretty frustrating. Sitting in a cube full time does that, even if you try and eat ‘healthy’. There is hope, however. Even people with somewhat slow metabolisms can fight the good fight with enough discipline. Continue Reading →

Is this really living?

jim dies of boredom

“This can’t be it…” I muttered to myself, staring out of the 4th floor window from my cube. Prior to this I had worked in manufacturing facilities for five years, staying busy and running around constantly. I worked my ass off, it was stressful, the hours were awful…but I had an office and I was up and around moving and grooving most of the day. Unfortunately, my career was limited in that spot and my pay was somewhat stagnant – I knew I could do better given my education and skill set. I applied with three companies around the U.S. and got three offers. I chose one in my current city, the pay was much better and the hours were stable. I was sad to leave the old, but excited to start the new. One thing I didn’t take into account was the impact of being in a typical office Continue Reading →