My Small Victory – The Standing Desk

never sit down never surrender

Today is a day that will live in cubicle infamy.  After six months, multiple conversations with “the powers that be”, and an EOHS assessment – I have been given a standing desk. *Pause for applause* Never mind the fact that multiple people before me already received their own (in a much faster time frame I might add).  I still consider it a small victory, because it did require a bit of driving on my part.  The biggest hurdle to overcome is the trite baby boomer mindset of, “I never had such a thing, why do you need it?” While that thought process has its place in life, I don’t believe this is it.  Society has progressed from a health and fitness standpoint in the last 30-50 years.  People used to smoke freely in enclosed public places.  We now know that second hand smoke can be just as bad as first Continue Reading →