What’s the site about?

I focus on lifestyle design, financial independence, and management of stereotypical office / cubicle type environments.  You know, the environments that plague corporate America and are often quite…soul crushing to be a part of for 30+ years.

To state this in a less boring way – this is a site about kicking life in the ass and taking steps to realize your dreams, goals, ambitions, and potential. I talk about living life to its fullest, making the most of yourself, and designing the life that you dream of. The cubicle life crisis is real; let’s figure out how to overcome it.

What are our goals here?

  • Coping with the day-to-day minutia of office life and developing short-term goals
  • Encouraging people to actively work on designing a better life for themselves
  • Getting people to focus on saving and investing to achieve financial freedom
  • Encouraging people to learn new skills and try new things

The ULTIMATE goal – designing a life that enables you to eventually escape corporate America and live the life you want. You don’t have to work in a cube for this stuff to apply to you.  This is for ANYONE who wants to change their life and work towards a set of goals that will lead them to happiness.

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