Is this really living?

jim dies of boredom

“This can’t be it…” I muttered to myself, staring out of the 4th floor window from my cube. Prior to this I had worked in manufacturing facilities for five years, staying busy and running around constantly. I worked my ass off, it was stressful, the hours were awful…but I had an office and I was up and around moving and grooving most of the day. Unfortunately, my career was limited in that spot and my pay was somewhat stagnant – I knew I could do better given my education and skill set. I applied with three companies around the U.S. and got three offers. I chose one in my current city, the pay was much better and the hours were stable. I was sad to leave the old, but excited to start the new. One thing I didn’t take into account was the impact of being in a typical office Continue Reading →