My Small Victory – The Standing Desk

never sit down never surrender

Today is a day that will live in cubicle infamy.  After six months, multiple conversations with “the powers that be”, and an EOHS assessment – I have been given a standing desk. *Pause for applause* Never mind the fact that multiple people before me already received their own (in a much faster time frame I might add).  I still consider it a small victory, because it did require a bit of driving on my part.  The biggest hurdle to overcome is the trite baby boomer mindset of, “I never had such a thing, why do you need it?” While that thought process has its place in life, I don’t believe this is it.  Society has progressed from a health and fitness standpoint in the last 30-50 years.  People used to smoke freely in enclosed public places.  We now know that second hand smoke can be just as bad as first Continue Reading →

10 Tips For Battling Cubicle Weight Gain


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Cubicle induced weight gain is a plague, and nobody notices It’s easy to underestimate how bad sitting all day is for you (whether or not you’re in a cube). I know it surprised me a little at first. I am pretty active in my off time and have always been able to stay in respectable shape. However, sitting in a cube on my posterior for 8hrs a day put me to the test. The weight creeps on so slowly you hardly notice. One day you’ll see yourself in the mirror from the side, or notice your belt is harder to tighten to the third notch than normal. It means you’re getting fatter, which can be pretty frustrating. Sitting in a cube full time does that, even if you try and eat ‘healthy’. There is hope, however. Even people with somewhat slow metabolisms can fight the good fight with enough discipline. Continue Reading →