Death in the Family and What We Can Learn From It

RIP Headstone

Last weekend we had a death in the family.  My aunt passed away after her two year battle with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, aka Lou Gehrig’s disease).  She was my dad’s only sibling. It was a really rough way for her life to end.  Over the last two years she slowly lost her ability to talk, swallow, feed herself, and move.  In the end, she died because she could no longer take any more nourishment.  It’s terrible to say, but I think it was a merciful death.  Losing all ability to move or speak, and being force fed to stay alive, is nothing short of horrible. For those morbidly curious individuals, you can learn more about ALS from the ALS Association. She was 68 years old, which isn’t really THAT old when you think about it.  If she retired around the current average retirement age of 63, that would have Continue Reading →