My wife quit her job to be a stay at home mom

stay at home mom-2

Stay at home mom– A crippling blow to financial independence, or a blessing in disguise? Well, that didn’t take long.  My son spent all of three months in day care before I caved and let my wife quit her job.  It’s been a tough adjustment for me mentally.  Letting my wife quit goes against my belief that both husbands and wives should earn income.  However, given the nature of this post, it’s obvious that life isn’t so straight-forward. That said, I can’t help but look on the bright side of the whole ordeal – Everyone in the family is much happier! My Pre-Baby Mentality Prior to having kids, I always said that my wife would work too, and she’ll be the one to pay off her student loans.  To her credit, she’s a hard worker and for the last couple of years has been putting 50% of her earnings towards Continue Reading →